GROUP SHOW : Antipas Delotavo, Jojit Solano, Goldie Poblador, Clairelynn Uy, Jojo Lofranco, Buen Calubayan, Rovi Salegumba, and Mario de Rivera


Reconnecting with the earth

“GRRROAN ->> GRRREEEN”, Liongoren Gallery’s featured exhibition for the Art Fair 2013, brings together a diverse group of Filipino artists working across different media and processes and spanning various styles.

The exhibition features recent works by artists represented by the gallery, such as Alfredo Liongoren, Jojit Solano, Antipas Delotavo, Goldie Poblador, Clairelynn Uy, Jojo Lofranco, Noi Gonzalez, Buen Calubayan, Rovi Salegumba, and Mario de Rivera.

The art works in the exhibition are generally centered on the theme of ecological appreciation: the various aspects of connectedness with the natural world, the conservation of the earth’s bountiful wealth, and the sense of wonder at what lies within this finite planet. Traditional landscapes, flowers, birds and other species of living things all converge in these contemporary works of art.

Ranging from landscape paintings to intermedia, the various works convey the rootedness of our consciousness in the life forms and lands of the earth. On the other hand, there are also works that quietly critique the unsustainability of present-day practices—the export of bodies, for instance—and raise the question of what lies next.

This concern for the environment has been a recurring motif in Liongoren Gallery’s regular line-up of exhibitions, projects and events through the years. By encouraging and supporting the production of works responding to the environmental challenges of our time, the gallery space positions the visual arts as a compelling means to reconnect with the earth and its fragile ecology.